August, 2019

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My Mother

 Poem by a little girl  Nouloshi Ghosh

Who is the one with a good charm,
And doesn’t want me to get any harm?
Who is the one with a loving tender soul,
Who is loved like a never
leaving favourite object or more.
And that is my mother of course
Who is always deserved for these lovely compliments on cources.

A mother is a first prize winner from my thinking,
When we get into the same way she spills out her happiness tears by blinking
A mother is always grown up to be a perfect lady
When she is a school going girl.
Who faces hard work and grows up with intelligence and hurdle and even brilliant work,
And even understands problems or worries of the boys or a girl from the core of her heart.

She even understands the girl or a boy with patience, curiosity and eagerness.