April, 2020

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The Haunted Hotel

Ghost story series during Lock Down by Aryan Majumder

Tom was disappointed as there were no trains that day. But he set aside his disappointment. He concentrated on the positives. He was going back to his home in Tottenham after 3 long years. He decided to spent the night at a hotel. Since it was only for a night he went to a cheap hotel. By the tine he reached it was already 7 pm in the evening. The manager however said “ I am Sorry Sir, We have no rooms available”. Tom was again disappointed but he requested “ Please try to arrange something, it is only for a night”. The manager still said “ I can’t Sir, I am sorry”. Tom went on cajoling and finally the manager relented and checked him in to Room No. 115. While Tom was walking into the room the manager said earnestly “Sir, Please don’t open the door after 12 midnight”. Tom waved him off and asked for 2 bottles of water. Once settled, he watched TV for a long time and then listened to songs. Finally after 3 hours he went to sleep. Sometime during the night he was awakened by a loud knock on his door. Tom saw it was 1.30 am in the night in his mobile phone. He thought to himself “It must be the receptionist checking after me”. But when he opened the door he found no one. “Must be my imagination” thought Tom and went back to sleep. However twice after that the knocking happened and every time Tom opened the door no one was around. When the knock sounded a third time he was furious, He took his umbrella in his hand and opened the door ready to strike at the prankster. He got up and waited by the door for the knock to happen again and the moment it came he opened the door in a jerk and hoisted his umbrella to strike. However what he saw made the umbrella drop down from his hands to the floor with a clatter. He stood staring at a lady in a white nightgown with blood dripping from her forehead. The white gown was stained with deep red blood. The lady lifted her head and Tom was left staring at a bloodless apparition like face with two holes for her eyes. Tom had stopped breathing by that time. Before he could gather his wits the lady held out a skeletal hand at TPM with a butchers knife dripping with blood. Tom fainted and fell to the ground with a thud. Next morning he regained his senses when the manager sprinkled his face with water. He immediately accosted him with questions “ Why didn’t you tell me that the room was haunted ?” he screamed. The manager nodded his head and said “ Sir I tried to dissuade you. Many years back a lady was murdered by her husband in that room, after which we stopped renting it out. But you insisted and would not listen to my warning even. I told you not to open the door after midnight”. Tom had nothing more to say or learn. He checked out of the hotel as soon as he could and got onto the first available train to Tottenham. While travelling he felt the holy cross locket dangling from his neck and realized that night it must have been the godly powers which saved him last.

The Gruesome Graveyard

Ghost story series during Lock Down by Aryan Majumder

One day, Ronald called me to his home to sleepover. He said “ Dad & Mom are not at home, they went to Liverpool! Come over, Let’s party”. I was delighted and reached to his house with pizzas, Burgers, Cold Drinks, Chips and a lot more. Throughout the evening we played games on his PS-4 like Fortnite, PES and Call of Duty. Finally as night approached we had nothing more to do. So, Ronald suggested “ Hey, let’s check out the old cemetery here !”. I exclaimed “ Are you mad? At this hour? Its almost 3 am in the morning?”. But then I figured out it would be fun to check out a spooky cemetery in the dark. I agreed to his idea and drove in his black SUV to the park near the cemetery. We got off the car. The cemetery was 20 minutes from the parking spot. We started walking. While walking, I kept hearing strange noises around. Excited at the prospect I started the ghost tracking App on my phone. We walked for about 10 minutes when suddenly my phone beeped. I exclaimed “ A negative energy is near us!” and we started running forward. All of a sudden we saw a gate in front of us . It was the gate to the Cemetery. We pulled it open and the graveyard came in view. There was a ramshackle building at the edge of the cemetery which looked extremely spooky. As I moved my torchlight over the building, I suddenly noticed someone peeping at us from the 1st floor window. I called out to Ronald. “ Hey ! Someone is watching us from that window” – I said pointing at the building. Ronald started walking towards the house. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen to me. When he found the entrance he entered the same and shouted back “ Hey, here is the door, please come here. I was in no mood to go so I answered back “NO”. He entered alone. While watching him I heard a shuffling noise behind me. I was immediately alarmed and slowly turned round. A strange figure completely clad in black was staring at me with red, frightening eyes. The rest of his body was extremely blurred as if a shadow was standing but his face was pretty clear even in the dark. A pointed nose, murderous eyes and bloodless complexion made him look like someone from Hell. My feet had refused to move looking at him and before I could say or cry out anything the figure bellowed at the top of his voice. I promptly fainted at the shocking sound. When I regained consciousness I found myself being dragged over the ground by someone. I was sure I was being kidnapped by the devil and taken to Hell. However we reached our SUV instead and then I realised that it was Ronald who was dragging me. I asked him what had happened. He said in a grim voice “ Inside the building I saw the Satan’s Sign. I also found an OUIJA board, as if the place is used to wake up evil spirits. However, right then I heard a scream and came running out. I found you fainted and a strange shadow hovering above you. I lost my nerve and just dragged you with all my might and ran for life “. Though we reached home safe, but both of us get cold sweat thinking of that night.

The legend of Bryan B Westby (Inspired by true events)

Ghost story series during Lock Down by Aryan Majumder

If you love creepy pasta tales and scary urban legends then you would have surely heard of him. Bryan B Westby’s account on Facebook is said to be “Haunted”. I didn’t believe this, till few days back. I liked urban legends and I wanted to know them. By the way, I am a you-tuber and social media influencer. I love doing VLOGs especially in haunted places in and around the town. I already have 3 million subscribers and also take part in scary shows hosted like the 3 am challenge. However nothing was as scary as the one experience I am going to narrate right now. I have suffered in the most painful way and I guess will keep suffering for the rest of my life. One night I was watching horror movies at my place with a friend of mine when he suddenly said “ See bro ! I have heard about a haunted account in facebook. It belongs to some Bryan B Westby. Want to try it ?” – I laughed and said “ No bro, I have better things to do”. However next morning I felt curious and searched out the account. It did not have a profile picture like other locked accounts. I tried to learn about his past life by getting into the account found that Bryan was a man who was addicted to facebook. He would post at least 20 times a day, be on chat with his collaborators and friends throughout the day and night. One day he uploaded a shameful video of himself by mistake which went viral in minutes. He was mercilessly trolled and teased till such time he could bear it no longer. He jumped from his apartment balcony. What became of him after that is not known but people since then say his facebook account is haunted. I was even more intrigued and sent him a friend’s request. I was extremely shaken when the same was immediately accepted. His profile picture became visible. It was scary face with red eyes and mouth. The account mentioned that no one should look at the profile picture for too long. I was a little scared and was about to come out of the account when suddenly I received a text in my messenger inbox. It read “HI” and it was from Bryan B Westby’s account !! I wanted to know if it was a prank by someone who manages the account in his absence so replied back “hello”. Then I started asking him a lot of questions about himself but to each question his reply would be a mechanical “Will you be my friend?”. After few minutes I got irritated and just texted saying “ go off you idiot !”. To this a reply came from him in a voice message. I played it but there was only a eerie silence in that at first and then suddenly an inhuman cold voice called out my name ! From that day on wards I hear him everywhere, in my school, at home, in the library, park, movie halls, wherever I go. I cant see anyone but I can hear him calling my name. I am going crazy day by day. No one believes me but I know he is there and following me. I don’t know how long I would able to withstand this. Please do not ruin your lives like me. Don’t go to facebook checking his account. Never send friend’s request to Bryan B Westby because then he might never stop wanting to be your friend from some other world.