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In this world, a child is busy in playing video games, watching T.V. and surfing nets. The imagination capacity and the I.Q level is going down. This is the impact of the electronic gadgets we have in our life. A child does not know what is the best that suits him/her. They go to school and study but do not know the value of learning and imagination. That is why perhaps Einstein said that “knowledge is limited but education encircles the world”. Without spending hours in front of Facebook,whatsapp and other social networking sites, a child should learn at first to imagine and think.

This is why I Soumalya and my brother Soumil have decided to start the website “Kids Unfold”. This is for children of our age to participate, write and think. It can be called an effort to make us all think and write under the same roof. It might give us the required opportunity and the platform to express and discuss our interests, dreams, thoughts and imaginations.

All our friends are welcome to use this site to contribute your thoughts here Lets Write and provide your comments too. You yourself are the contributor as well as the critic in this site.

So come forward and share your thoughts and ideas without neglecting your studies.

Parents are requested to leave their valuable comments to encourage us in our endeavour.

Let us Grow Together.

Soumalya – Studying at South Point School. Interested in Cricket and Quiz. Like to discuss about anything with anyone under this earth.

Soumil – Also studying at South Point School. Interested in Cricket, cartoons and ….. nothing specific. Enjoys playing basketball and swimming and reading story books. Like to spend time with elder brother Soumalya.