Adhiraj’s Question

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1. Narrator
2. Student- Adhiraj
3. Teacher- Shilpa Ma’am


Narrator– It is 15th of August and the independence day of India and the principal of the school delivered a very motivating and cheerful speech on Independence Day. Children with great enthusiasm made their independence day. There was one kid Adhiraj who was a little eccentric. He always thought something which was out of the box. He by reading novels and articles had a thought on what independence means to us. Let’s see what Adhiraj thinks………..

Adhiraj:- (sitting on a chair) Today principal ma’am gave a very enthusiastic speech but what does independence mean to us? Is it only getting freedom from British or is something else? I’ll talk to my social teacher regarding this let’s have her thoughts on this.

Narrator– Adhiraj goes to his social teacher and asks her about this…..


Adhiraj:- Ma’am, do you have a minute to talk?

Teacher:- Yes, yes Adhiraj ?

Adhiraj:- Ma’am I wanted to ask that what does independence mean to you?

Teacher:- For me, independence is the freedom of the soul, a perception of the mind and a feeling understood by the heart. This freedom, perception and more importantly, this feeling is that of liberation, patriotism, self-dependence and other such things.

Adhiraj:- But Ma’am I believe that India though called independent is independent only by definition. Problems like corruption, poverty, unemployment, terrorism, caste realted violence still exist in our nation.

Teacher:- But Adhiraj we need to understand the fact that we constitute our nation, it does not constitute us.

Adhiraj:- But Ma’am I strongly believe that Independence is not our right to express but our right to be heard. What fun is that people are speaking for the improvement of the nation but no one gives importance to it?

Teacher:- Independence is not what we feel, but what we make of it and most importantly, independence is not about rights, but our duties towards them.

Adhiraj:- Independence from my point of view is not only the sense of belonging, but a sense of contribution and existence in every step that our nation takes.

Teacher:- I agree to you Adhiraj. If your point of view becomes the point of view of the youth India would become a much better country.

Adhiraj:- Ma’am what do you think we can do about problems like corruption, poverty etc. ?

Teacher:- See we can always take out campaigns, make people aware about the harms of corruption and for poverty we can always donate money and things which are necessary for survival. We can always give ideas to the government for solving these problems. Your idea may get selected.

Adhiraj:- Will this make India a better country?

Teacher:- It surely will.

Adhiraj:- Thank you ma’am for your precious time.

Teacher:- No problem Adhiraj I found it a very fruitful debate.

Narrator– With such a lot of brainstorming over Independence and its importance in our lives, it is not difficult to believe that the youth are concerned about the issues of the nation, as long as they are given platforms. The need of today’s youth is to be heard, not passed off. The need of today’s youth is to be free, not restrained. The need of today’s youth is realization of values and not imposition. The need is not a need, but a want that must be satisfied.

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  1. soumalya says:

    A very well written piece

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