Brain Drain – A common problem in India

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The main cause of brain drain is un-inspiring education and high competition in India. The number of educational institutions (primary, secondary and high) is limited compared to the number of students, who are therefore enrollment. Hundreds and thousands of our qualified young stars take off from international airports in order to acquire higher education and lucrative jobs in USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia etc. Most of these Indians often settle there attracted by the facilities and the higher quality of life provided in these countries. During the decade long debate over brain drain it has been decided that excellence is neither recognized nor rewarded in India. It has been estimated that the country loses approximately 2.4 billion dollars due to brain drain. Critics are of view that the developed countries provide higher facilities, pay packages and perks, the country cannot dissuade youngsters from going abroad. What has been India’s loss has been the gain of other countries where the youths have migrated.

brain drain - common problem in India

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  1. Alojamiento says:

    Hi guys. Brain drain is really a matter which needs to be talked upon because it leads to a great loss of Indian’s talent. People who migrate to other countries in search of better jobs are very talented and thus India losses its big asset. So to be a pride of the country brain drain should be stopped to see a better India and to change it first you must begin.

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