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Weekend Trip


Weekend Trip 4On 13th February, Saturday, we went to Mandarmani. We were accompanied by family of my three friends – Shomudro, Dohinee and Atrisekhar. While going we lost our way. We looked for the way for hours. Finally, we found our friends waiting for us. In the meantime, while playing, accidentally Shomudro injured himself.
We stayed in a hotel named Marino Beach Resort for 2 days and 1 night. We booked 3 rooms. After reaching our hotel, went to our rooms, changed our clothes and went to the sea. On our way, we found a treasure, buried under the sands of the beach. We had fun splashing in the sea. We went back to our rooms. Weekend Trip 1 In the evening, we saw the sunset sitting by the sea beach. When it was dark we had a barbecue in the garden. All of us enjoyed and took part in he music that was played there. We played many games like kabbadi, fooball, badminton in the flood-light of the hotel. We invented a game which I named “slow-haating” (slow-walking). Weekend Trip 2
The next morning we played with two rabbits. I named them Raju and Kaju. We played football again. After we had our breakfast, we went to the sea again. We jumped over the waves. I chopped the waves imagining them as a mischievous giant. Dohinee and I enjoyed floating in the water. Shomudro and Atrisekhar was splashing water at each other. We all had coconut water by the beach. Shomudro suddenly said that there was no “haansh” (duck) in the coconut. We all shouted “WHAT?” and then aunty (Shomudra’s mother) explained that it was “shaansh” (coconut meat) that he was talking about. Everyone loved the word “haansh inside coconut”. After having great time in the sea, we had our lunch and started back home. On our way back, we had snacks in a restaurant. It was a lovely trip and I will cherish it throughout my life. We will go back to Mandermani and hunt the treasure which we have marked. Weekend Trip 3

The first session of Animals


SheruI am
a tiger
named Sheru.
I am only 3 years old.

One day I went to meet my friends. Their names were Bippo, the hippopotamus, Bagra, the panther, Bichu, the giraffe, Halwa, the elephant and Balla, the monkey. I played with them every evening. I liked hide & seek the most. One day Bagra drew the best in school. He scratched the stone a little on which he had drawn. His scratching had made an awful sound. When we returned home Bagra’s father uncle Diego visited us. He liked our den. My father Sher Khan was very happy to see Uncle Diego. Uncle Diego gave me his two long teeth and said, “use this to protect yourself from enemies.”

The following day i was roaming around the forest in search of prey. After sometime I didnot realize and suddenly i was caught in a cage. I tried all day to free myself. Then I heard the elephant’s parade going. I called my friend Halwa. He came with his family and friends and freed me with his trunk.

I tried to get back home. But I could not find my way home, owl in night
as it was very dark inside the deep forest.
I was so confused that I could not tell which path led where.
I heard an owl was hooting some where near by.

I became very scared. Suddenly, I saw something glowing beside me. So, I became more scared. Sweat came down through my body. I tried to escape, so i started running. After few moments I reached near the banks of a river. I looked up and saw the stars twinkling in the night sky. twinkling of stars

Then I heard a roar. Then i again saw something was glowing beside me. So I closed my eyes. Something touched me and I was about to run again. Then I realized that it was my father who was looking for me quite anxiously. At last I went home happily.

The Adventure


hunting boyI and my dog Timmy saw a hawk in the garden. We saw that how it was feeding it’s chicks.It was an amazing sight. After watching that we went to the jungle to watch wild birds. We hid in a grass. I took the binocular out of my bag and saw birds. Then I saw an eagle coming towards us. I took out my double barreled gun and shot a bullet at the eagle. The bullet missed the eagle but the eagle flew away. I said to Timmy “Tell me where the eagle has gone.” He sniffed. Then he started smelling the ground. It ran deeper into the jungle and soon he stopped. I looked up. Guess what I have seen. Nothing but a crowd of eagles. I hid myself. Then I took out my gun, I shot at them, D..H..I..C..H..K..A..O..O..O…

One of them was dead but the others chased me. I ran out of the jungle and they were still chasing me. I ran and ran fast. I tripped over a stone and fell down. Timmy was pulling my sleeves to pick me up. He then suddenly started to lick me. He made my face wet and I realized that I had fallen asleep while completing my science project for next week. It was a bad dream. It is never good to kill birds. My mother scolded me for not completing the project. It was late. I ate my dinner and went to bed and sank into a deep sleep. Next day, as it was a Sunday, I went into the jungle and took pictures of many birds. I returned home and printed them. Next day I took my project to school. I came first in class. When I returned home I told everyone that I was first. They were all very happy. I was so excited.