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My Mother


 Poem by a little girl  Nouloshi Ghosh

Who is the one with a good charm,
And doesn’t want me to get any harm?
Who is the one with a loving tender soul,
Who is loved like a never
leaving favourite object or more.
And that is my mother of course
Who is always deserved for these lovely compliments on cources.

A mother is a first prize winner from my thinking,
When we get into the same way she spills out her happiness tears by blinking
A mother is always grown up to be a perfect lady
When she is a school going girl.
Who faces hard work and grows up with intelligence and hurdle and even brilliant work,
And even understands problems or worries of the boys or a girl from the core of her heart.

She even understands the girl or a boy with patience, curiosity and egarness.



I went to watch a magic show.

Came a magician on the stage.

He spread his palm and produced a dough

Beside him stood an elderly sage

They said ‘Abracadabra’

I went to watch a magic show

The sage sat on the carpet

I heard someone say ‘LO’ !

Out came Snakey, his pet

He said ‘Abracadabra’

I returned with a happy smile

Everyone was chattering

I tapped the dial

When I said these,

He said I was exaggerating

Colours of Life – by Aishee Paul




Can you talk sense
With people shouting at you ‘nonsense’?
Though it rhymes,
These are hard times!
There was a boy named Wood
Who beside a lake stood
Every day, every night
Hugging his pillow tight
Oh! What a sight!
He always bakes
Hot, hot cakes
With his friend Dwight
Who sits beside him all night
He opened his sock
While Bugs Bunny said ‘Hello Doc’
Oh how many cartoons he had watched
How many bullies he had dodged
When he sees a bird sigh
He yells ‘Fly bird, FLY’

Birbal and Dirbal


Long ago,there was a king named Akbar.He had many servants,but two of them who were brothers,were his most favorite.Their name were Birbal and Dirbal. Dirbal was very foolish but Birbal was very clever.One day when the king was sitting on his throne a lot of noise came from the road.Akbar felt very disturbed. He sent Birbal and Dirbal to find out where the noise was coming from.Dirbal returned quickly. He told the king that there was a large procession outside. When Akbar asked why, Dirbal kept silent. He hadn’t asked the question and therefore did not know the answer. After a while Birbal returned. he told Akbar the whole story, because he fully completed the task of knowing what they were doing and why. Akbar was very pleased. He rewarded him with a bag of gold coins and made him his minister.
Moral- This story shows that wisdom wins over foolishness.

My Best Friend by Aadritto Kar


My Best Friend

Conceptualized by
Aadritto Kar
South Point High School

My Family


A sweet poem by Dohinee Malakar

With all the animals in it

From a brave lion

With a great beard

To a deer

With long hair

I also have

One Little bear

Who plays around everywhere

This is not a jungle

This is my family

Who are very humble

I have a father

Who is brave

Have a mother

Who is like a jewel

I have a brother

Who is sometimes like my father

I have a puppy

Who is very happy

This is my family

For whom I care

Dreams- painting by Aanurag


First Acrylic Painting by Aanurag

My childhood days


If I had the freedom of an adult
I would not get scolding If I get bad result
I would have the freedom to drive a car
And go alone to an ice-cream parlour
I could buy as much as I want
No one would ever dare to taunt
It is not as easy as it seems
To become an adult without any useful mean

An elephant from heaven


One day a boy named Ramesh was sleeping when he heard a strange sound. Ramesh followed the sound and reached the place. He was shocked to see that a big yellow-pink coloured elephant was hitting by the wall.
When the elephant saw him it started floating up in the air. Ramesh tried to catch it and went up with it. He was able to hold his tail. Wow! he reached in heaven. He went inside a beautiful food court. Every food is for him even the heaven was very beautiful. There were beautiful flowers, silver palaces, golden palaces etc. and he also found many tasty dearly food for his families. Then he reached back home.
Next day he got a scolding from his family for day dreaming and he never saw that elephant again.