Corona:A Report

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A Report by Soumil Mitra

The world is on the verge of extinction. A massive extinction. Not just any extinction but human extinction! You may gasp at this,or not believe this. Well,this may not be true,I am just saying.
The death counts have risen. It is said to have originated in Wuhan,China. People say it has been created by the Chinese scientists to destroy their enemy countries. It is not a known fact. It is like the 1920’s when the Spanish flu occurred. It is rumored that every 100 years some great epidemic occurs.
I have written a poem regarding this:
                        Every 100 years
                        Some great epidemic comes,
                        Can we not get rid of it
                        Before it causes damage of large sums?
In India,a national lockdown has been called. Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi,is fearful of the health of the Indian citizens. Italy and some European and North American countries are facing huge casualties. Videos are being made regarding the devastation of the Corona virus. The medical staff and other related people are working relentlessly. The government are appreciating their effort by advising the common people to give them a standing ovation.
New technologies are being launched to fight against the Corona Virus. But no vaccine to the epidemic has been found. The doctors are battling against time to save the patients. The Covid-19 afflicted people are being put in quarantine. Only the essential shops are opened.
The police are punishing the ‘Covid-idiots'( a term coined by the people to describe the people who are not following the government). Anyone who is or might be facing the symptoms of the Covid-19 should be self-quarantined for 14 days. If people follow the advise of the doctors,then we might get rid of it once and for all.
Wishing the end of Corona virus,Soumil Mitra,editor of Kidsunfold

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  1. Anjan Sen says:

    A nice report

  2. Jaya Sen says:

    Very Nice, informative

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