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Ananya Kadakia

When I wake up in the morning
at home, I want to stay
All my friends come to me
Let’s play all the day

I wish my Mom and Dad
take me to the park
will enjoy and have fun
will not come back, until is it is dark

Alpesh Mehta

I feel freedom is my Mom not to scold me when I am naughty. She will let me watch cartoon, read story books and play computer games. But I want to promise, I will finish my home work and studies before I play.

Pamela Sarkar

KidsunfoldThe word ‘independence’ means the state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence. The word ‘freedom’ means the state of being free, unconstrained, frankness, openness and unreservedness. Why I am mentioning the definitions?? Well to analyse the fact that are we really independent in true sense considering the present scenario of Independent India. Yes we are free from the inhuman oppression and captivity of the Britishers. But just to fall prey of years of corrupt politics, backward regressive mindset, all possible varieties of taboos and violence. Mahatma Gandhi fought nonviolently to gift us independence and in that very country violence are displayed on every alternative minutes. We are freed from Britishers but we still are captive by our own demons. Most of the population in India nurture regressive mindsets leading to gender inequality, child oppression, domestic violence, rape and terrorism. The most important taboo that India preach on a bigger periphery is gender inequality. Even though society pretends to accept women as openly as men but in actual these are just words. Men are superior to women– we are captive of this phenomenon. Unless we abolish this mentality we don’t deserve to be called Independent Indians. Women men should be given the freedom of living without any societal pressures to perform in certain ways. Independent India should be that country where humans irrespective of gender could breathe, live, work, laugh freely, openly, unreservedly. This will lead to progress. India is a developing country. But due to her regressive mindset and corrupt selfish politics, the growth cannot be felt in true form. In the eve of the 69th Independent India, we are witnessing several bans dictated by our respected Government. But why??? We are an independent nation, banning should be viewed as an illegal phenomenon. But no, our Government chose to regulate and redirect the ways to live and breathe in India. This is sheer hypocritism. I believe the only way to eradicate all this violence and oppression so to enjoy true freedom is by formal basic education. Education not to be an engineer or doctor or a scientist but education for learning and socialising about humanity, about being human. The fight should be against preachers of inhumanisn versus humanism and to win we need to fight it out overcoming the inequality in gender, religion, classes of society and politics. That day when we can concurr our inner demons, our inner illiteracy, our inner conservative soul, that day when we can finally override every possible inequalities, that day we will experience and cherish the true meaning of independence and freedom. We should celebrate independence and freedom every day and not just one day for the sake of treaties signed. I hope to see India rising above all these fiasco into a country ruled by freed humans. That day that era would surely be called Independent India.


Independence DayThe literal meaning of the word Independent is free from the control or influence of others. This can be also interpreted as self-grooming and not connected with others as to get separated from something. It has several other meanings that having an earning enough money that can support we can support ourselves.
Now so far Independent is considered for our country, it is like a vast ocean. As far as to start with our country India became independent in the year of 1947 from the colonial rule. It had been under the shackles of bondage for about 200 years. Many people describe this period of Independence as the “Political transition”. From being under the British rule it came out to be a sovereign, socialist, secular , democratic republic. During the mid-night speech of Jawaharlal Nehru on the time of transfer of power, he said that “During the stroke of mid night when the world will sleep, India will awake into freedom”.
But in the modern times, the future of India is insecure. This independence did not come easy to India. Several thousand people were killed, many souls sacrificed their lives in the battle field, the two countries india and Pakistan were divided, resulting into Hindu Muslim Riots massacres like Jalianwala Bagh, wars like Sepoy Mutiny , battle of plassey, Mysore wars brought immense bloodshed innumerable loss of lives. Many young freedom fighters were hanged by the British Raj and it is by the cost of their blood that have been able to achieve freedom. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi also played an indispensable part in the march to freedom by showing that “.non -violent forces if organized can defeat the most strongest and the violent forces in the world”.
Let us come back to the meaning of independence from which we had started. It means to be free from the control of any external force. But how far is this meaning clear in our country? India is a country in which poverty and illiteracy prevails in many parts of the nation. Many people are still discriminated against gender, race , cast , creed, religion etc. India has a shameful record of illiteracy and perhaps it will have the maximum number of illiterate adults in the words. We take pride because of the mom to Mars. We never forget to flaunt that several Indians have become CEOs of multinational companies. But at the same time we forget that in our country has the dubious records of poverty and illiteracy. Does not it make a mockery on all our scientific and technological
Eradication of poverty and illiteracy should be the immediate requirement of India thus only we can dream about the type of India that the great poet Rabindranath Tagore had imagined. India then only should be a better place to live.

“Into the heaven of Freedom
O Father let my country awake”
Rabindranath Tagore.


Independence Day Today when I woke up on the day of independence, I saw my grandfather was watching television. I also sat beside him and started watching T.V. I saw that our PM was delivering a speech. While I was hearing the speech a thought came to mind, are we really independent? I asked this from my grandfather and his answer was a “yes”. Then I asked him, “If we are really independent then why do we come across such news of murder, rape, kidnapping etc.” Then he answered, “We are independent but physically not mentally.”
I could not understand anything at that time. Then he explained, “Our constitution provides us with all the rights and equalities. But, according to me, to live independently we need to change our minds. We need to get ourselves free from wrong mindsets. Independence to me is free from all evils. Just like many years ago, Britishers were ruling over us and we wanted to get rid of them, the same way today bad mindsets are ruling over us and the dire need of the hour is to get rid of them.”
Then I asked him, “If we are not independent then why do we celebrate Independence Day?”
He told, “15th August, 1947 is celebrated as Independence Day, but this Independence Day is just celebrated for the independence we got from the Britishers. The day when we will get rid of such evil things we will be celebrating true independence days.”
“No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect”. So, let’s come together and make this nation true independent.


Our country is Independent since 1947 but till now and then there are many negative thoughts in our society which a man or a woman is facing quite difficultly. Here, in my poem I am trying to convey my message to those who are not allowing themselves the freedom to do something or take actions independently if something is going wrong in our society.

What does independence means to me?
It’s a key to happiness, joy and harmony.

Independence is a feeling that comes within ourselves.
We have to spread it like a light coming from an open shell.

Being dependent on others breaks our confidence.
It’s a major part in independence that has a way to your own self defence.

In today’s time! In modern generation….!
Be strong and a happy-go-lucky person even you are in a bad situation.

Wearing western clothes does not change our personality
Whereas, it gives an idea to those that how daring we are in reality.

Independence is important and has the limit of its own.
But, misusing this power is bad whether you are small ones or growns!

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