My Dad My World

We thank all of you who have uploaded your feelings about your Dad and making this event a success.
The winner of the “My Dad my World” contest is DOHINEE and ANURAAG. CONGRATULATIONS.
Both of them get a special gift from KidsUnfold for getting the maximum number of likes. Also we would like to make a special mention for Sani who missed out by only few likes. will come up with many more such events. Keep visiting and keep on writing….
Dad-and-Kids FATHER’S DAY is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June. This year it is on 21st June 2015.To celebrate the day let us all write something about our dad or to our dad.
Do not forget to give the best picture with your dad.

Ask your family and friends to like your post. The post with the maximum likes, wait for a surprise……..


Anuraag Guhathakurta

I have the world

I have the world’s loveliest dad. He plays with me. He gives me all the things that i wish. Every SUnday he takes me for a long drive. At night he tells me stories. He never gets angry on me even if i irritates him, He has a very smiling face. I just love his smile. When my mother scolds me he saves me from her scolding. My dad is my world. I love my dad very much.


Dohinee Malakar

I Love My Father

My father’s name is Debdeep Malakar. He is a Credit Manager. He has every solution of anything. He can cook well also. He is very kind and intelligent.

My father was good at studies. He was good at Bengali, English, Drawing, History and Geography. He was also good in sports. He played cricket and football. He was good at everything.

My father loves me, my brother and my beautiful mother. We are a small and happy family for my father. I love my father very much. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to the best father in the World.

Atom Sani Dey
When i am naughty, i am safe with my daddy.

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