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An essay by Soumyadip Maity (Class 8)

Pandemic Covid 19 started in Wuhan,China. Covid 19 (also known as corona virus) is a virus that spreads from one person to another person and causes severe respiratory problems.Within a few days these disease spread throughout China and finally throughout the whole world. The government of all the countries started sending special flights to China to rescue the trapped citizens of their country. Many young students from India had gone to China to study medical sciences. The Indian Government send special IAF planes to China to rescue the trapped citizens. The Indian citizens who arrived from China had to go through thermal checkup at the airport. They were also send to hospital where their blood samples were collected for testing corona virus. The people who arrived from China were either quarantined or send to home isolation. During the first 30 days of the spread of the disease many people in India were not affected. But within a few days corona virus cases in India started rising.After China the country with greatest number of people affected by corona virus was Italy. Around some time in the mid of March the number of people affected by corona virus had crossed the 80,000 mark . More than 3000 people in China were dead.However around 25th March conditions in China were coming under control. The Indian Government imposed a curfew throughout the whole country on 22nd March for 14 hours. At 5 minutes past 5 pm people throughout India blew whistles and rang bells from their balconies,roofs and windows to show respect to the doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly day and night. The very next day Indian Government imposed a lock-down in 75 districts of the whole country til 27th March. One or two days later the government increased the lock-down to 15th April. However the government assured that the service of essential commodities would remain open during the whole lock-down. The situation worsened in many parts of the world such as Italy. Each day saw a rise in the number of people affected by corona virus. Countries such as Italy were facing a real problem. The British Prime Minister Borris Jonsohn also got affected by this virus. To stop community spreading when the prime minister announced a lock-down people made a huge rush to buy necessary commodities. Around 29th March the number of people affected by corona virus in India had become more than 1100. Scientists around the world were working tirelessly to invent medicines and vaccines for this virus. All news channels were holding daily discussions with doctors who gave the people useful advice. Below are listed some of the precautions :-
(1)Wash your hands at daily intervals with soap,hand sanitizer e.t.c.
(2)Don’t go near a person with fever. Maintain at least a distance of one metre from a person who has breathing problems.
(3)Cover your nose while sneezing (You can use a napkin)
(4) Eat healthy food to develop immunity.
(5) Don’t touch your mouth or nose without washing your hands.
(6) While going to buy necessary commodities stay away from each person.
(7) Don’t pay heed to humour on social media sites.
(8) Stay at home and don’t step out of your house without adequate reasons.
(9) Exercise at home daily
(10) Use a mask in crowded areas such as railway station. Need not wear a mask at home

The national celebrities urged people to stay at home .Many celebrities donated money to the government. The government was making arrangements of free meal for many daily wage workers. Many people from different states were stranded in other states.

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    I appreciate the young effort. Well written.

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    Very good

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    All topics covered.
    Kudos! Great job!

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    All facts very well described

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