Picnic @ Kanak Garden


Last Sunday, I went to a picnic with my family and friends. It was a place called Kanak Garden. We went there in our own car.
On the way we picked up one of our friend and his family. When we reached there, everyone had already started to play. We joined them in the middle of the game. We played cricket and my team won. In the middle of the game, my mother forced me to have my breakfast. We had puri, sabzi and jelebi. We then made two teams. One team was of few dads and another team was with my friends. We played football. The game ended without any goal. After that I played a new game called ‘Housie’. I even won a ten rupees prize.
Then our dad’s began to lay the tables for our lunch. We had our lunch together. When our parents were having lunch, some of us clicked pictures of them and few served them. After lunch, as our parents were not allowing us to play cricket or football or badminton, we started playing hit the wicket. I was able to hit the wicket three times. Slowly it stated to get dark. We all said goodbye to each other and returned home.
This is the first time I went to such a picnic. I enjoyed it very much.
Children's Picnic

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  1. Mitali Aunty says:

    Dear Soumil, It seems that you had enjoyed the day a lot and your reporting is so lively. Keep it up beta!


    Dear Soumil…you have narrated the whole event in precise and crisp manner. I want to rectify one thing that the score of the football match was 1-1, one goal scored by me and another by your father. The whole day we have enjoyed a lot.

    In future expecting more experience sharing from you.

    Lot of good wishes and love.

  3. MOUMITA ROy says:

    Soumil, you have enjoyed lot and your write up is so good.

  4. Amrita Banerjee says:

    Soumil…a good write up indeed. Seems that you enjoyed a lot…hope to enjoy reading many such experienes of yours ….????

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