The Closet

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Horror Story by Aryan Majumder

I worked as a babysitter when I was 21. Once I was told to babysit for a couple who had a little boy named Andrew. His parents were visiting a relative. They told me while leaving “ Look after him well, he is a mischievous boy !”. I realized that pretty soon! the five year old was surely a mischievous boy. That evening, we ate dinner and while eating the boy was muttering to himself “ today he would tell me a story !”. I didn’t understand what he was talking as surely I didn’t have any plans of telling him a story. After dinner I settled him on his bed in his bedroom and I went back to the room where I was sleeping. During the night I was awakened by a loud giggle. It was definitely Andrew’s giggle. Surprisingly I found Andrew’s Bedroom room slightly open while I peeked out of the door of my room. I shouted from my door “Andrew, it’s late at night, go to bed”. Then I went back to sleep. The next morning I asked him “why were you awake so late in the night ?”. He replied “ I don’t remember”. Though I found that pretty strange I let that be. Throughout the day Andrew played by himself but he seemed more interested to play inside his room, doors locked. I was more than happy to let him do so. During the night the same thing happened. I heard Andrew giggle. This time I went into his room. I was shocked to find his bed empty. I found him in the big spacious closet that was in his room. He was sitting and chatting by himself. I shouted at him for leaving his bed and put him back. I was very curious to know about the closet. The next morning I went into his room and looked into the closet but found nothing. Andrew looked upset at my peeking and probing and was adamant that I should leave his room. That night post dinner Andrew went back to his room and I also fell asleep. Sometime during the night I head a loud “ T_H _U_D !” from downstairs as if someone had jumped down from the stairs .I shouted “ Andrew – is that you !” There was no reply. I shouted again “ Andrew, is that you ?”. This time there was a reply “Yes” but that was not Andrew’s voice ! It was a shrill cold strange voice. I freaked out completely. I rushed to Andrew’s room and was relieved to find him asleep on this bed. But the door to the closet was wide open as if someone has just stepped out. I ran a cold feet. I picked up Andrew and took him to my room. I called the police from my phone and locked my door tightly shut. After 30 minutes I heard banging on the main door. I was assured as they shouted “POLICE” and went down to open the front door. The police looked around and came to the conclusion that some stray intruder had come in and escaped .. I was extremely surprised because I knew no door or window was open in the entire house. Thankfully that day was my last day with the family. I left when Andrew’s parents returned. I swear I heard Andrew mutter “where is he gone?”.Till date I am extremely confused about the incident. I keep wondering “was the boy messed up that he talked to himself inside the closet !” or” was there some negative demonic energy in that closet which left that night ?

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  1. Soumil Mitra says:

    I was unable to go downstairs alone after reading this.

  2. debdoot ghosal says:

    nice story

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