The Detective (Part I)

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Edward Hodge put up his legs on a table, put on his reading glasses and took up a detective novel written by Agatha Christie. He liked reading detective novels. There were different books of different subjects stocked up his library. They were of different themes and were classified by their subjects. But he was fond of detective novel the most. He hated being disturbed while reading. He had gone to page no 3, when his room bell rang. Flustered Mr.Hodge looked up. He strode in two large steps to the door. He asked sharply, “Who? Mention work before entering.” A voice said, “James Anderson, for a case.” Mr Hodge sighed. James was his assistant. Edward was a detective. He was famous for solving hard cases himself. James always found case to pester him. After thinking twice he opened the door. In the corridor stood a serious James reading a letter. James was tall, well built and often shared his wit. He was a lad of twenty and Hodge was twenty five. They had brother like relationship among them. James strode in. “Well.”, he said,”You have to figure it out.”

Introduction to the case

Edward pointed him to a chair and James sat down. He read the letter by himself once and then looked up. “May I read”, he asked. On getting permission he started reading.

“Dear Mr. Hodge, I am soppy for writing the letter though it is an important one. Something happened in my house. You have got to come. We will discuss this later in my house.
Peter Hay

PS- You will know my address from your assistant. It is an walking distance and I will be available anytime.”

Then James looked up, “What do you think of it?”
“Interesting but needs some more details.”
James said, “It is two blocks from here, shall I bring you your coat?”

                                                                                                         to be continued….

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