The Gruesome Graveyard

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Ghost story series during Lock Down by Aryan Majumder

One day, Ronald called me to his home to sleepover. He said “ Dad & Mom are not at home, they went to Liverpool! Come over, Let’s party”. I was delighted and reached to his house with pizzas, Burgers, Cold Drinks, Chips and a lot more. Throughout the evening we played games on his PS-4 like Fortnite, PES and Call of Duty. Finally as night approached we had nothing more to do. So, Ronald suggested “ Hey, let’s check out the old cemetery here !”. I exclaimed “ Are you mad? At this hour? Its almost 3 am in the morning?”. But then I figured out it would be fun to check out a spooky cemetery in the dark. I agreed to his idea and drove in his black SUV to the park near the cemetery. We got off the car. The cemetery was 20 minutes from the parking spot. We started walking. While walking, I kept hearing strange noises around. Excited at the prospect I started the ghost tracking App on my phone. We walked for about 10 minutes when suddenly my phone beeped. I exclaimed “ A negative energy is near us!” and we started running forward. All of a sudden we saw a gate in front of us . It was the gate to the Cemetery. We pulled it open and the graveyard came in view. There was a ramshackle building at the edge of the cemetery which looked extremely spooky. As I moved my torchlight over the building, I suddenly noticed someone peeping at us from the 1st floor window. I called out to Ronald. “ Hey ! Someone is watching us from that window” – I said pointing at the building. Ronald started walking towards the house. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen to me. When he found the entrance he entered the same and shouted back “ Hey, here is the door, please come here. I was in no mood to go so I answered back “NO”. He entered alone. While watching him I heard a shuffling noise behind me. I was immediately alarmed and slowly turned round. A strange figure completely clad in black was staring at me with red, frightening eyes. The rest of his body was extremely blurred as if a shadow was standing but his face was pretty clear even in the dark. A pointed nose, murderous eyes and bloodless complexion made him look like someone from Hell. My feet had refused to move looking at him and before I could say or cry out anything the figure bellowed at the top of his voice. I promptly fainted at the shocking sound. When I regained consciousness I found myself being dragged over the ground by someone. I was sure I was being kidnapped by the devil and taken to Hell. However we reached our SUV instead and then I realised that it was Ronald who was dragging me. I asked him what had happened. He said in a grim voice “ Inside the building I saw the Satan’s Sign. I also found an OUIJA board, as if the place is used to wake up evil spirits. However, right then I heard a scream and came running out. I found you fainted and a strange shadow hovering above you. I lost my nerve and just dragged you with all my might and ran for life “. Though we reached home safe, but both of us get cold sweat thinking of that night.

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