The Haunted Hotel

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Ghost story series during Lock Down by Aryan Majumder

Tom was disappointed as there were no trains that day. But he set aside his disappointment. He concentrated on the positives. He was going back to his home in Tottenham after 3 long years. He decided to spent the night at a hotel. Since it was only for a night he went to a cheap hotel. By the tine he reached it was already 7 pm in the evening. The manager however said “ I am Sorry Sir, We have no rooms available”. Tom was again disappointed but he requested “ Please try to arrange something, it is only for a night”. The manager still said “ I can’t Sir, I am sorry”. Tom went on cajoling and finally the manager relented and checked him in to Room No. 115. While Tom was walking into the room the manager said earnestly “Sir, Please don’t open the door after 12 midnight”. Tom waved him off and asked for 2 bottles of water. Once settled, he watched TV for a long time and then listened to songs. Finally after 3 hours he went to sleep. Sometime during the night he was awakened by a loud knock on his door. Tom saw it was 1.30 am in the night in his mobile phone. He thought to himself “It must be the receptionist checking after me”. But when he opened the door he found no one. “Must be my imagination” thought Tom and went back to sleep. However twice after that the knocking happened and every time Tom opened the door no one was around. When the knock sounded a third time he was furious, He took his umbrella in his hand and opened the door ready to strike at the prankster. He got up and waited by the door for the knock to happen again and the moment it came he opened the door in a jerk and hoisted his umbrella to strike. However what he saw made the umbrella drop down from his hands to the floor with a clatter. He stood staring at a lady in a white nightgown with blood dripping from her forehead. The white gown was stained with deep red blood. The lady lifted her head and Tom was left staring at a bloodless apparition like face with two holes for her eyes. Tom had stopped breathing by that time. Before he could gather his wits the lady held out a skeletal hand at TPM with a butchers knife dripping with blood. Tom fainted and fell to the ground with a thud. Next morning he regained his senses when the manager sprinkled his face with water. He immediately accosted him with questions “ Why didn’t you tell me that the room was haunted ?” he screamed. The manager nodded his head and said “ Sir I tried to dissuade you. Many years back a lady was murdered by her husband in that room, after which we stopped renting it out. But you insisted and would not listen to my warning even. I told you not to open the door after midnight”. Tom had nothing more to say or learn. He checked out of the hotel as soon as he could and got onto the first available train to Tottenham. While travelling he felt the holy cross locket dangling from his neck and realized that night it must have been the godly powers which saved him last.

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