Who Was HE

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Horror Story by Aryan Majumder

I was travelling to Toronto. The train was moving fast . “24 hours more” I thought to myself. In my coach there was another man called Gabriel. He was either listening to songs or playing games. I was engrossed in my book and was not paying him much attention. I just read on and on and on……zzz….zzz…zzz (I dozed off). .. Boom “ Hey Do you love listening to Charlie Puth “ – the donkey (my pet name for Gabriel) woke me up.

I answered a little rudely and answered “NO” in a loud screech. Gabriel shuddered at my reaction and said “ So what is there to be angry about ? You can say that normally “ – he muttered. I went on screeching “ You woke me up Jackass…Just look at the ….” My sentence remained unfinished as I saw a man entering my coach opening the sliding door. He wore a long coat. His jeans were dusty and he had on a pair of long boot. “ So young gentlemen, I had booked seat number 32, Can you tell me where is it ?”. “ It’s right there” – said Gabriel pointing towards the upper berth. “Oh I see, May I sit here?” the man continued. I shrugged and replied “Sure”. He had a cold voice, I noticed. “So gentlemen, your names ?” he continued. The rather excited Gabriel exclaimed grinning “My Name is Gabriel Heinz” .” My Name is Brian Esthier” – I added. “ Oh, I see ! Can you please come here  boy?” the man gritted out and pulled towards him with his hands. His hands were so cold that I stuttered “ Sir.. What…is..your..name ?”. He answered quite casually “ When I lived people called me Tom Abott”. I got scared a little but Gabriel giggled. The man by now had let go off my hand. I sat quietly and searched internet on my phone for a man called Tom Abott since I thought I had reached somewhere that he was a criminal on the run. What I found out freaked me out of my wits. It said that TOM Abott was a thief who had died while jumping from a train headed from Brampton to Toronto while trying to flee from detectives. It also mentioned a hearsay that his ghost boards the same train in seat number 325. He is heard to kill innocent people also on the train ! I broke into a cold sweat and started shivering. I went out and asked the TC to change my seat and he agreed. While I was changing my seat I heard the man in coat mutter “ Young Blood Gone “. Next morning when I woke up I saw people gathering around my old seat. I quickly wore my glasses and went to see what had happened.

I found Gabriel lying unconscious on the floor clutching his locket of holy cross in a vice grip. When he gained consciousness he could only utter “ …Tom…man…ghost…kill me …”. I understood what danger I had escaped last night. Till date I wonder what could have happened had I not changed my seat that night.

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  1. Sid Modani says:

    Very interesting. Keep it up.

  2. Debdoot Ghosal says:

    I really got horrified… Carry on dear

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