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We are waiting for your contribution. Submit stories, poems or anything u like here to share with your friends all over the world. Also participate in events for surprise gifts.


We are waiting for your contribution. Submit stories, poems or anything u like here to share with your friends all over the world. Also participate in events for surprise gifts.

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Pen N Pencil
Chelebela- Jokhon Choto Chilam
written by Satyajit Roy

Jokhon Choto Chilam was written by Satyajit Roy and it is a story of his school days..Watch and enjoy … Watch HERE
Sobjanta Dada
written by Sukumar Roy

Sobjanta Dada was written by Sukumar Roy and it is a story of a boy of 10 years who considers himself knowledgeable enough about any matters..Watch what happens … Watch HERE
The Haunted Hotel
By Aryan Majumder

Tom was disappointed as there were no trains that day. But he set aside his disappointment. He concentrated on the positives. He was going back to his home in Tottenham after 3 long years. He decided to spent the night at a hotel. Since it was only for a night he went to a cheap hotel. By the tine he reached it was already 7 pm in the evening. The manager however said “ I am Sorry Sir, We have no rooms available”. Tom was again disappointed but he requested “ Please try to arrange something, it is only for a night”. The manager still said “ I can’t Sir, I am sorry”. Tom went on cajoling and finally the manager relented and checked him in to Room No. 115. While Tom was walking into the room the manager said earnestly “Sir, Please don’t open the. … Read HERE
The Gruesome Graveyard
By Aryan Majumder

One day, Ronald called me to his home to sleepover. He said “ Dad & Mom are not at home, they went to Liverpool! come over, Let’s party”. I was delighted and reached to his house with pizzas, Burgers, Cold Drinks, Chips and a lot more. Throughout the evening we… Read HERE
The legend of Bryan B Westby (Inspired by true events)
By Aryan Majumder

If you love creepy pasta tales and scary urban legends then you would have surely heard of him. Bryan B Westby’s account on Facebook is said to be “Haunted”… Read HERE
By Soumyadip Maity

Pandemic Covid 19 started in Wuhan,China. Covid 19 (also known as corona virus) is a virus that spreads from one person to another person and causes severe respiratory problems.Within a few days these disease… Read HERE
The Closet (Horror Story)
By Aryan Majumder

I worked as a babysitter when I was 21. Once I was told to babysit for a couple who had a little boy named Andrew. His parents were visiting a relative. They told me while leaving … Read HERE
করোনাকে ছোট ভেবো না
By অস্মিত চ্যাটার্জী

একটি জীবাণু নাম করোনা
খালি চোখে যাকে দেখা যায় না,
শরীরে করলে আক্রমণ
এক নিমেষেই সংক্রমণ…. Read HERE
Corona:A Report
A Report by Soumil Mitra

The world is on the verge of extinction. A massive extinction. Not just any extinction but human extinction! You may gasp at this,or not believe this. Well,this may not be true,I am just saying. The death counts have…. Read HERE
Who Was HE (Horror Story)
By Aryan Majumder

I was travelling to Toronto. The train was moving fast . “24 hours more” I thought to myself. In my coach there was another man called Gabriel. He was either listening to songs…. Read HERE
The Detective (Part II)
By Soumil

They set out when James showed him the house. Edward noted down everything in the back of his mind…. Read HERE
The Detective (Part I)
By Soumil

Edward Hodge put up his legs on a table, put on his reading glasses and took up a detective novel written by Agatha Christie. He liked reading detective novels. There were different books of different subjects… Read HERE
My Mother
By Nouloshi Ghosh

Who is the one wish a good charm,
And doesn’t want me to get any harm?…. Read HERE
By Soumil

I went to watch a magic show.
Came a magician on the stage…. Read HERE
Colours of Life
By Aishee Paul

Check the imagination of a child… SEE HERE
By Soumil

Can you talk sense
With people shouting at you ‘nonsense’?… READ HERE
Birbal and Dirbal
By Soumil

Long ago,there was a king named Akbar….. READ HERE
My Best Friend
By Aadritto Kar

My best friend in my eyes………. SEE HERE
My Family
By Dohinee Malakar

A sweet poem………. READ HERE
By Aanurag

My first Acrylic painting………. SEE HERE
My childhood days
By Soumil

If I had the freedom of an adult. ………. READ HERE
An Elephant from Heaven
By Nouloshi Ghosh

An Elephant from Heaven. ………. READ HERE
Arunachal Pradesh
By Soumalya

Travel guide-Arunachal Pradesh. ………. READ HERE
Soumil’s Diary
By Soumil

One day at school. ………. READ HERE
bandh_dairySoumil’s Diary
By Soumil

My ‘Bandh’ experience. ………. READ HERE
firstdairySoumil’s Diary
By Soumil

It is my first diary i have ever written and i will tell you about one of my experiences. ………. READ HERE
bhangarh-fort-inside-kidsunfoldBhangarh Fort- one of the most haunted place in India
By Darshit

Bhangarh claims to be one of the most haunted place in India. It’s the only ‘Legally Haunted’ location ………. READ HERE
SealandSealand- A country that has place for only ten people
By Yashvi

During the Second World War the British government built several Fortress islands in the North Sea to defend its coasts ………. READ HERE
By Soumalya

We might have heard from our parents and grandparents that the world is not as it was 20 years ago. ………. READ HERE
By Debarghya

A student of 5th standard explored his imagination ……. SEE HERE
By Soumil

Richardson was walking in a sunny day. While walking he saw a line. It was for bungee, his favourite sport…….. READ HERE
Weekend Trip 5WEEKEND TRIP
By Soumil

On 13th February, Saturday, we went to Mandarmani. We were accompanied by family of my three friends ……. READ HERE
By Nouloshi

One day I was sleeping alone. Then I got one touch. I was thinking what is that, why I had got a touch?…….READ HERE
Children's PicnicPICNIC @ KANAK GARDEN
By Soumil

Last Sunday, I went to a picnic with my family and friends. It was a place called Kanak Garden. We went there in our own car…….. READ HERE
intolerance-India KidsunfoldINTOLERANT INDIA, INTOLERANT WE
By Soumalya

It was like one of those Friday evening during which Sundar was returning to Keutia, his native village…….. READ HERE
Sheru children's blogFIRST SESSION OF ANIMALS
By Soumil

I am a tiger named Sheru. I am only 3 years old. One day I went to meet my friends. Their names were ……. READ HERE
By Soumalya

The main cause of brain drain is un-inspiring education and high competition in India. ……. READ HERE